Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Basic items that can not miss in your closet

neck width 240x300 Basic items that can not miss in your closetTo properly wear the clothes of the season, they should adapt to our figure. We are all aware of what we carry and what not, adapting fashion to our body, always look for an unblemished image.

We should not try to buy clothes just because it’s fashionable or are the “celebrities”, we must learn to buy only what feel good our physical. Takes note of the tips “delicious style” shares with you this time to get a closet full of clothes that will definitely highlight your attributes and hide that you do not want to display.

Flattering clothes
Cleavage: Garments with cleavage favored more by lengthening the neck, which stylize your silhouette. If you have a lot of chest or you’re petite, choose necklines “V”, as these are the best stylized. If you have narrow shoulders or low chest, round or boat necklines choose.

The white shirt: There is nothing more classic white blouse and fabulous and is important to have that fits you perfectly. You have trouble finding if it, it is worthwhile to turn to a shop specializing in shirts and commissioned a model for silk and cotton (for more formal occasions). Depending on the shape of your body, choose a more plump dog shirt with the imperial court and thinner version can use to beat.

Wide necks : If you have one colored shirt you are too wide neck, wear test backwards them because the back is closed.

Tissues : Look great in them. Its quality is as important as a good cut for the clothes you feel good. For tight clothes for elastic tissue; for others fail to choose silk, warm clothing is essential and to carry wool composition.

Other Tips That Can Help
Adjust the length of your shirts, shirts and tops: Do not hesitate to shorten them to get a proper proportion to your anatomy. If you are short, cut your blouse so you have four fingers below the navel, and tops elongate the silhouette that if you’re short and wide hips, wear the top just below this one but no longer, because your legs and shorten then you wider look.

Waist: Pants and skirts avoid that you tighten the belt, even if you are thin and the rest of the garment does not fit. Too tight waists, and creates a compressed very unsightly.

Beam cleaning your closet : Remove any clothing you do not feel well, Do not have the closet full of clothed with which you do not feel comfortable or favors, when you set uut to dress stylishly.


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