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The preppy style in fashion

preppy style 300x271 The preppy style in fashionThere are fashion trends that go beyond simply using a certain type of clothing and maintain those standards. They involve a lifestyle, a way of being and thinking, and also membership in a particular social group. This line is the preppy style. Have you heard of it? The reference I can give is that it is the style of the “rich kids” of universities and high schools in the U.S. Already it located?

The word preppy is a diminutive of the word just school, which is the name of high school and high school in the north country. People in the preppy, usually the children of wealthy families of the East Coast. This group are called WASP (White Anglo – Saxon Protestant) traditionalists who reject the influence of any culture, ethnicity than their own. Even they are considered superficial people who care about trivial things and possessions, are exclusive and selective in their friendships as well.

The preppy outside America
In England there is a similar style, there are called “Sloane Rangers” or “sloani” diminutive. In principle, was used for women, starting this with the Diana Princess of Wales, A young aristocratic, even before she married Prince Charles.

Then extended to the upper-class men and upper-middle. Currently, sloani classic brands like Burberry dress, boys with khakis, sandals, flip flops including and related to rugby. Among British women are considered Trinny and Susanah sloani (the first program “What Not to Wear”) Sienna Miller and Kate Middleton.

How is the preppy?
The onset of preppy fashion themselves born in the 50. It consisted of formal wear for students to see themselves as young professionals. It became popular from the 80′s and then revived strongly in 2000.
In the 80 published a book called “The Official Preppy Handbook” seeks to be a guide to how to dress, where to go and what to do if you’re preppy, since you are born until they finish college. In an article I read some of the basic principles that picks up this book:
  • The main feature is the monotony, with the preppy style you have no chance or space to be unique or different. Instead, the idea is seen as equal to your peersAlways.
  • Being conservative neat and tidyThat is, take the pole inside the pants.
  • Do not wear fashionable clothes or the latest trends, find classic and good quality is expensive.
  • Favorite colors: cakesThat go with everything, including primary colors.
  • Clothing should be of American brands (Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, J. Crew, Elizabeth McKay) the only exception might be the British brand Burberry.
  • Always wear like you’re hunting in your vast prairies, but you’ve never picked up a shotgun in your life.
  • The dress is androgenBoth men and women share the same style, wool sweaters, khakis, etc.
Foundation garments
In addition, experts in the preppy style believe there is a basic list of items that make up the prep look:

For women:
  • A cafarena or turtleneck, but no cotton wool, one color. Which are worth gold navy or marine design, or golf. This combined with some khakis and loafers without socks.
  • A woven sweater with a skirt or trousers drill.
  • Skirts of wool or pictures.
  • Silk blouse design with a loop at the neck, to match a sweater fabric.
  • Pique Polo with a logo on the left
  • Heels: the pumps are not allowed peep toes or sandals wide open.
  • No, never: jeans.
For men:
  • Moccasins with pins and tassels, no socks.
  • Drill pants wide or baggy.
  • Pulitzer-style pants with red frames, yellow or pink. Pulitzer pants are those designs as clip claws front and golf, marine motifs.
  • Striped oxford shirts or one color in pastel yellow, pink or blue.
  • Tweed jackets, corduroy and poplin.
  • Tailors seersucker fabric, a fabric thousand threads, fine as a linen for spring and summer.
  • A beige overcoat, without texture or patterns.
  • Super basics: a navy blue suit with white shirt.
  • No, never: jeans and flannel shirts.
Preppy style now
Fashion makes mixing trends and create new styles and hybrids, the preppy has also been “modernized” and worn in details like skirts, hair ties, sweaters, plaid pants and shorts. For example, Top shop displays low cost clothing that could enter the preppy trend, plaid shorts, shoes and jackets.
An example of preppy date is the character Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. She represents the preppy style in terms of personality, a typical cocky girl, who lives in a family a lot of money and study at an exclusive school. His looks, a pastel-colored coat with a set of white blouse with navy skirt for school. Flight blouse with plaid skirt for work or night. A current preppy and sexy.
How about this style? It seems to me pretty, but definitely will not much here in America. People of money here dress differently, using only brand name clothing but a strong trend. The preppy stay in television and film.


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